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Established in 2002, Didn't That Hurt? is the longest running resource for Milwaukee punk, metal, hardcore and DIY show information. 

Jun 18, 2018

DTH The Podcast week 2! This week I continue a discussion with members of Knaaves and Slowpanic as we get ready for the upcoming free show at Shorewood Legion Hall.

We were joined by a special guest as we recorded the podcast in my backyard: a telephone repair guy was on a pole fixing wires at 1am, for some reason.

Don't forget to check out the show at Shorewood Legion and the others we talk about on the podcast:

Sat. 6/23 - Wits End, Knaaves, Lethal Contact, Slowpanic + more - Free Show!

Friday 6/29 - SOLD OUT Sworn In {Playing Start/End in full} at JJ's

Friday 7/13 - Bitter Thoughts, Source Of Hate (LAST SHOW), Method, TOB at JJ's

Monday 7/16 - Typecaste {MA} / Atonement {CT} / Tourniquet {NJ} + More at JJ's

Thursday 7/19 - Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold {NH} + More at JJ's

7/26 - Retirement Party {IL} / Elder Light / Bottom of the Lake + More

Also, here's the Spotify playlist we listened to for the show:

If you're interested in talking about your upcoming events or want to help with the podcast, send me a message!

Enjoy the show, everyone!

- Michael Adler