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Established in 2002, Didn't That Hurt? is the longest running resource for Milwaukee punk, metal, hardcore and DIY show information. 

Aug 6, 2018

This episode of DTH? is the continuation of our sit down with Leo Mata & Hal Crossno to discuss the current state of DIY Punk and Hardcore. We touch on Friendster, what young people have to look forward to as hardcore kids, why young kids should tell old dudes to fuck themselves, a hot debate on Demo-Core, how I managed to go almost a decade without knowing about Ceremony, the Beastie Boys, my mom and GG Allin, Nate Powers at Summerfest, and another cameo by Parker Adler to wrap up our three hours of conversation.

Mental (Boston) (link)
Verse (Boston) (link)
108 (NYC) (link)
Ceremony (California) (link)
Rzl Dzl (Detroit) (link)
Sheer Mag (Philadelphia) (link)
Surrender (Missouri) (link)
Beggar (Milwaukee) (link)
Youth Code (LA) (link)