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Established in 2002, Didn't That Hurt? is the longest running resource for Milwaukee punk, metal, hardcore and DIY show information. 

Jul 16, 2018

For the first time ever, two generations of DIY punk and hardcore stood together in the historic Shorewood Legion Hall. We caught up with several OG's and Young Bucks to discuss what all ages venues mean to them. 

This episode's playlist:
Die Alone - The Dead Never Die (2005)
Scathed - Submit / Comply (2018)
Wits End - Cold Case (2017)
Widacre - Hands (2018)
No Victory - God Has Failed Us (2016)
Night World - Portals To The Shadow Realms (1998)

Interviews with:
Knaaves, Slowpanic, Mike Hinkens, Scathed, Resonating Zine, Wits End, Widacre, No Victory, and more!